Policies, Practices and Qualifications in Early Childhood Education

Doga Schools

Doğa Schools is the brand name of the private chain of schools managed by ASİST ÖĞRETİM KURUMLARI A.Ş, which has more than 100 campuses all around Turkey. The schools educate students from kindergartens to the end of the high-school education cycle.

The mission of Doğa Schools is to provide pupils with competencies that allow them to become participative, creative and sensitive individuals of the future. The active citizenship and values based education are among the main principles of the educative process, which aims to educate responsible citizens.

The teaching staff and the management of the institution are actively engaged in development and implementation of innovative teaching concepts among which are: Natural Learning Concept (NLC) and MBA for teenagers (t-MBA).


Honorary Members of Conference:

Ali Rıza Lüle (Doğa Schools General Manager)

Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan (Şehir University Rector)

Scientific Committee:

Prof. Carmel Cefai (University of Malta, Malta)

Prof. Fatma Alisinanoğlu (Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, Turkey)

Prof. Michail Kalogiannakis (University of Crete, Greece)

Prof. Paula de Waal (Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi, Italy)

Prof. Serhat İrez (Marmara University, Turkey)

Prof. Umberto Margiotta (Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi, Italy)

Prof. Valerie Sollars (University of Malta, Malta)

Assistant Prof. Maria Ampartzaki (University of Crete, Greece)

Assoc. Prof. Muhammet Baştuğ (Istanbul University, Turkey)

Assoc. Prof. Coşkun Küçüktepe (Marmara University, Turkey)

Dr. Ayşegül Başer (İstanbul Şehir University, Turkey)

Dr. Funda Kılıç (İstanbul Şehir University, Turkey)

Dr. Mehmet Akif Güzel (İstanbul Şehir University, Turkey)

Dr. Sanem Bülbül Hüner (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Dr. Zuhal Yılmaz Doğan (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Anelia Georgieva (Regional district “Nadezhda”, Municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria)

Anita Ignatova (Regional district “Nadezhda”, Municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria)

Danny Arati (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Esra Ertürk (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Halil İbrahim Aydemir (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Halime Usta Yoğun (Şehir University, Turkey)

Iglika Angelova (Intercultural Cooperation Foundation, Bulgaria)

Jurgita Vaitiekuniene (Panevezys District Education Centre, Lithuania)

Mustafa Balta (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Nazım Çevik (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Ramazan Sezer (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Renata Jankeviciene (Panevezys District Education Centre, Lithuania)

Reni Dimova (Intercultural Cooperation Foundation, Bulgaria)

Reşide Yaşar (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Sibel İzgiman (Doğa Schools, Turkey)

Organising committee:

Dr. Zuhal Yılmaz Doğan

Ahmet Mert Sözen

Arzu Taygar

Banu Yurtseven

Beyza Akay

Danny Arati

Gizem Ağyüz

Serkan Solmaz

Sueda Çelikel

Suel Altunbaş

Uğur Ramazan Gültekin

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